Strawberry Cake
Italian cake
Italian Cake
Italian Cloud Cake
Left - Italian Cake, Right - Chocolate Ganache
Italian Cake
Italian Cake
Italian Cake

We are proud to offer a unique service personalised for you. If you have a birthday, wedding or other special event coming up, we would be honored to be part of it with a bespoke The Suited Baker product. Using our successful vegan and gluten-free recipes, we can work together to create a show-stopping cake or other baked product for your occasion.

Our event cakes are all gluten-free but can be made vegan/or
non-vegan at your request. Our cakes range from traditional tiered sponge cakes to ganache and Italian styled. 

Our monthly slots for celebration cakes sell out fast, so don't hesitate to get in touch and help us make your event taste fantastic.

Our tasty chocolate and vanilla ganache cakes are £38 for 4-6 servings and £45 for 8-10 servings.


Our Italian cakes (mousse, sponge, and fruit or chocolate layer) start at £35 for 2-4 portions rising to £55 for 10 portions.


Our Business Hours are:

Monday - Sunday


We're always around to chat all things food and business. Drop us an email, DM or phone us for more information, or just to talk to one of us!

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Tel: 07833952528

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Italian Cake