Here at The Suited Baker, our customer's safety is our utmost priority. We have created this page to give you access to our in-depth nutritional analysis to ensure that you can be 100% certain of your safety when purchasing our products. If there is a particular product you love the sound of then please don't hesitate to get in contact, as we might be able to make an alternative version.

Click the title of each product to view its ingredients and nutritional information.


*We are in the process of calculating the nutritional information for ALL of the products below as soon as they are available they will be added- in the mean time any queries, please don't hesitate to ask*


All of our cakes are unique and homemade with love to provide the best tasting gluten-free and vegan cakes for our customers. This includes:

  • The Giant Rocher

  • Our Pistachio and Raspberry Cake

  • Our Macarons

  • Our Banana Bread


We have formulated the perfect
gluten-free and vegan recipe! Their soft, ooze with flavour and come in 5 flavours:

  • Mocha 

  • Dark Chocolate and Praline

  • Pistachio

  • Raspberry and Vanilla

  • Cookies and Creme 


We pride ourselves massively in creating the best gluten-free and vegan bread around! Our selection includes:

  • Applewood Cheddar Sourdough

  • Henderson's Relish Sourdough

  • Pizza Bases

  • Chocolate Sourdough

  • Pane Rustica Rolls

  • Brown Sourdough Rolls

  • White Sourdough Rolls

  • White Baguette

  • Brown Baguette

  • Black Olive Focaccia 

  • Oil and Salt Focaccia

  • Potato, Onion and Salt Focaccia 

  • Sundried Tomato Focaccia

  • Rosemary and Salt Focaccia

  • Pan Rustica Sourdough

  • Four-seed Sourdough- Round Loaf 

  • Brown Sourdough- Round Loaf

  • White Sourdough- Round Loaf

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