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Taking Our Gluten-Free and Vegan Mission Nationally

So, today marks the successful launch of our nationwide delivery… well, if you told us back in October when we began on our journey with the Suited Baker that we would have achieved this level of growth within less than 10 months, I wouldn’t have believed you that is for sure.

Today isn’t just about the growth of our company as a whole, its about our growth with you, our loyal and supportive customers; whom without, we would not be where we are today.

So, this blog isn’t about our success with todays launch, or how ecstatic we are with how it’s unfolded (which we definitely are), more rather this is our way of explaining to you how unbelievably thankful we are for your continued support.

Our aim has and always will be to provide the UK with the best quality gluten-free and vegan products as we are hugely passionate about the fact that people suffering from allergens, or choosing to embark on a vegan lifestyle, should not have to compromise on the quality and flavour of their food- after all life just wouldn’t be the same if food wasn’t enjoyable!

Behind the scenes we are also finding new ways to develop our company so that we can create the best experience for our customers and provide the products that you will all love. To help us along with our journey, we have recruited a recent graduate from Sheffield Hallam, Charlotte Borwell. She is the new Business Development and Marketing intern for the Suited Baker and is on task to get our business spread throughout the whole of the nation!

We also have the lovely Amy Hart who has been behind the scenes for quite some time with the Suited Baker, helping us grow and ultimately getting us to where we are today. She is the reason our social media has had its very own facelift recently- providing us with eye catching graphics that are helping build us closer towards our goals each day.

Our mission is therefore to provide good food, to good people and to create a real community within the Suited Baker, adding as much value as possible for you, our amazing customers. We hope that you all continue with us along this journey and are as excited as we are for what is inevitably yet to come…

All our love and eternal gratefulness,

The Suited Baker

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